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Introducing… Myself!

Aarti on sofa

Hi! My name is Aarti Tendulkar. I’m an M.Sc. (Computer Science) student and have been blogging on WordPress for a year and a half.

I like to play with languages – be they cyber ones or human!

Writer's Desk
Pic courtesy: blog.ezinearticles.com

Growing up leads to various hobbies and passions taking a backseat, and gradually going into oblivion. But there’s usually something that you decide not to give up on, to ensure that you pursue, no matter what other obligations you have. Writing comes under this category for me. I love it and I can’t live without it! That’s why I started this blog in January 2014.

getty_rm_collage_of_girl_imagining_butterfliesI like to observe the world around me. I love listening to people as they talk about themselves, about what makes them tick. I love to take in a good view, to experience a new feeling and to find new ways to do things. I love being alive and being able to take in all the many wonders the Universe has in store for us! Oh, and I love to write about all these things that thrill me! That’s what this blog is all about!

Do tell me how you find my blog! 🙂


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