Today’s my beloved Activa’s fourth anniversary!

She was a graduation present from Dad. I was so happy and excited when I saw her! I had finally become the proud owner of a brand new two-wheeler!

ACTIVA ILittle did I know then that she would become a trusted companion! We’ve been through so many ups and downs together! (Literally and figuratively). I’ve taken different directions and found newer paths when I’ve been with her. (Again, literally and figuratively!)

Over the years I’ve developed a deep bond with her. When I’m riding her I feel so calm and uplifted! She makes all my stress and all my worries vanish. There’s perfect harmony as we weave through traffic and speed away on empty lanes. Her gentle purring soothes me like nothing else can! It’s come to that stage where I can’t even imagine life without her!

She’s not the only possession I fondly cherish.

Being an avid reader, I’ve become best friends with many books. My Harry Potter collection, St. Clare’s collection and Malory Towers collection still beckon to me every now and then. I must’ve read all of these books innumerable times, yet they still manage to captivate me! Every single time I read them I turn into a little girl and lose myself in their magic!

lucie attwell bookMy most prized possession in the literary section, however, is a book named Lucie Attwell’s Bumper Book of Fun. Even the mere sight of this book makes me smile! It’s a storybook for infants. It has some really sweet tales and cute illustrations. It belonged to my Mom when she was a little girl. She loves it a lot and has kept it stored safely for all these years. She used to read out those stories to me when I was little. Then I learned to read, and my joy knew no bounds! Many are the happy hours I’ve spent with that book!

My old mobile phone was yet another dear pal. I owned it as a teenager. It contained a very colourful slice of my life! Songs I loved, images I’d found beautiful, quotes I’d found inspiring, reminders of birthdays and college assignments, hastily noted down (and often irrelevant) information… Hundreds and hundreds of text messages – some that I’d received, some that I’d sent, some drafts – all of them a record of my emotions, my thoughts and desires; everything that would make me laugh in embarrassment if I saw it now!

nokia-2730So many photos were clicked, so many phone calls made (some of them after a good deal of deep breathing and dispelling the butterflies in my stomach), so many phone calls received (some at the very first ring!)… My phone had seen me laugh and smile and frown and cry. It patiently bore my mood swings and never complained when I threw it away to vent my frustration. It never judged me when I added and deleted and again added contacts.

For nearly five years it stayed with me through thick and thin, and watched me grow up (or a semblance of it anyway!) The only reason I changed phones was because my dear buddy eventually stopped working. It was a sad farewell indeed!

These possessions might be non-living but we live so much of our life with them and through them! Now I wouldn’t advocate being materialistic, but these mild to moderate sentimental attachments do add a lot of colour to our lives! They too become fond memories, just like every other treasured experience! They too become connecting dots on the route that we call Life.

Cheers to all our inanimate allies!