As per tradition I’ve sat down to make some New Year Resolutions.

Given my history, I sometimes question why I even take up this task. I have not been able to follow through on even a single resolution in all these years. Yes, I am ashamed of my horrible record. No, I still haven’t improved. (There you go Mom and Dad, I’ve admitted it.) But somewhere deep inside lives an eternal optimist who believes that this would be the year that Aarti finally turns over a new leaf. Ah well, the silly mind must be humoured!

This time round the task is actually easier. Looking back at the past three years I can honestly say that they have been the most educative ones of my life. I’ve had a wide variety of eye-opening experiences, each of which taught me some really important lessons. Following through on these lessons is my new goal.

So what are these lessons?

self_beliefThe first, and most important one, is that I must always, always, believe in myself. Life is full of ups and downs. There will be occasions when, despite putting in untiring efforts, I will fail. That’s when I need to remind myself that there will always be another way, another solution. I just need to find it. I need to keep moving forward and to not let myself lose morale. I’ve made it so far, haven’t I? Why then would I not be able to go even further?! I certainly can, and I most certainly will!

The second lesson is that whenever I need help I should ask for it. That does not make me a weak person. There is no harm in admitting that I don’t know something, or can’t figure something out. Nothing and nobody is perfect. That’s what makes this world such an interesting place to live in! Someone might quickly notice the error that’s evading you. Someone might lend you a hand, and thus help you accomplish something faster than if you’d slaved over it alone. And the sheer relief of sharing your burden…! We all need to find an outlet for that steadily mounting stress, don’t we?!

others_helpDirectly connected to this one is the next one – I should pay more heed to my dear ones’ advices. You sometimes hate the very people who have your best interests at heart because they scold you, offer constructive criticism and set the bar high for you. You feel angry because you think they don’t understand you. They don’t understand how unhappy and vulnerable you feel when they tick you off. Little do you realize that every tear from your eyes rends their heart; they just don’t show it because they know they need to be strong for you. Lucky are we, who have such a support system!

Yet another important lesson I’ve learned is to recognize the people who don’t want to see me happy. I’ve learned to not take any nonsense from anyone; no matter who, no matter what. If someone is hurting you, is trying to impede your progress, is trying to demoralize you, you must stand up for yourself. Injustice should never be tolerated. It is hard to take a stand, especially if it’s against someone who is in a position to cause you a lot of harm. But then, can silent suffering ever be a good solution to any problem?

faithFinally, I’ve learned to have faith. I’ve learned to believe in a power stronger than me, stronger than any of us. Call it God, call it Destiny, call it the Universe, call it whatever you want, but do believe in it. When darkness threatens to swallow you whole, and you begin to question your own sanity, this is the guiding light that brings you out of it. You might, sometimes, find yourself doubting its presence, especially in your bleakest hour. But trust me, it’s always there, always, just waiting to hold your hand and lead you away from your unhappiness. We must only remember to be grateful for it during our happy days!

So to all those people who’ve asked me what my New Year Resolutions, you know now. Actually I’ve decided to rephrase the heading a bit because these encompass not just this year but every single year to come.

I’ve decided to call them my New Life Resolutions.