Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Daddy!

As a child, whenever you hear the word ‘father’ you immediately visualize a strong man who takes care of the family and who would do anything to keep them safe and happy. He is a strict disciplinarian perhaps, the one who strives to uphold the family honor and to ensure that values and morals are abided by. (Bollywood certainly portrays the Ideal Father in this way, especially if he is the heroine’s father!). He is your biggest hero, your wall, your support!

My dad is all of these things, but not in an overbearing manner! I am amongst those lucky girls who have a dad who’s like a friend too! Right from when I can remember we’ve always had something or the other to tell each other about, to introduce each other to, to enjoy doing together! My dad is amongst those people who do not tell a girl, “You shouldn’t do this, because you’re a girl, not a boy!” He taught me cricket when I was small, and would encourage me to observe him and to help him whenever he would do any of the supposedly ‘manly’ chores about the house such as fixing the plumbing, testing electricity connections, and repairing gadgets like clocks. He would explain what he was doing and how things work, making it all sound very interesting! Whenever we purchased anything new, it would be my task to read the instructions manual and to then guide him to set it up! (It still is, by the way!) Dad taught me to operate a computer, initially teaching me how to play games on it and later on, when I was older, to use software like MS Word, MS PowerPoint and related tools. Later on when we got an internet connection, he taught me how to send emails and surf the net! Dad has taught me various things throughout my life, like Physics and Mathematics, and more trivial things like cycling, riding a two-wheeler, playing carom and various card games.

I’ve learned to appreciate and to apply creativity and innovativeness while performing any task from Dad. Right from my school projects and Theme Dressing to the repairing and fixing I previously mentioned, Dad has managed to churn out some of the most unique ideas I’ve come across! All those taglines and punch-lines, well chosen and neatly arranged pictures, effective formatting and well-written contents that both Dad and Mum helped me to put in earned me the good grades I would get! I still remember the model of an elevator he’d made, with pulleys; the simulation of a rocket wherein the ‘launcher’ rested on springs which were pushed down by a wooden square held secure by a pair of grooves. You had to dislodge the wooden board and Voilà! The rocket would zoom off! I still remember the structure of a sea anemone he’d made for Theme Dressing – the body made as a sort of papier-mâché around an abandoned stool and the tentacles being cucumber-shaped balloons! I used to feel so proud when people praised these ideas and would hope that I too would come up with something cool like this someday!

Most of all, however, I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of Life from Dad. We often gaze at the sunrise from the kitchen window, the sunset from our terrace and during the summer, at the moon and the stars, and he keeps iterating how lucky we are to be able to see such wonderful shades and patterns! He has a good ear for music and is especially fond of Indian classical. We’ve got so many cassettes and CD’s and lots of tracks stored on our PC and our respective mobile phones. We used to listen to the radio a lot, and whenever we come across any good pieces that we appreciate, we make it a point to share it with each other. The same goes for good books, inspirational quotes, thoughtful and humorous messages and interesting movies!

Dad has encouraged me to be myself and to pursue my goals and hobbies, not once trying to burden me with his own dreams when they differed from mine. He wants the best for me, and makes me believe that I deserve to get it! There have been various occasions, especially in recent years, when I’ve not understood him and been angry and given him the silent treatment, and he’s waited patiently for the storm to pass. I am really sorry for that Dad and I promise it wouldn’t happen again!

Thank you so much for giving me a life I enjoy living, Dad! And once again, Happy Birthday!

I love you!