Some people know us even better than we know ourselves. They can read us as though our mind is like an open book! They have a very clear idea of what makes us tick and what is more likely to make us angry. You feel very safe with such people!

The best example of such a person is your mother. No sensor can beat a mother’s inherent ability to detect her child’s moods and whether or not he or she is alright. When you walk into the house jauntily, throw your bag carelessly, kick off your shoes, rush into the kitchen and say, “What a delicious aroma! What’re you cooking for dinner?” she knows exactly why you’re in a good mood! She then goes into listening mode and smilingly takes in everything you gushingly and enthusiastically describe! Even if you don’t let on the reason behind your joy, her radar detects it and she gives you amused glances! Your joy multiplies at that instant!

March into the house and throw your bag with more force than usual, however, and alarm bells ring in her head! She detects storm clouds brewing and senses that a steaming cup of tea is in order. She knows that she must remain silent and allow her angry ward to cool down. She allows the tirade to wash over her. After you’ve finished screaming and punching the pillow and thrown whatever tantrums you need to throw, she takes you to her bosom, runs her fingers through your hair and comforts you. Your sadness is divided!

Another person who’s just as good at decrypting you is your father! Walk up to him with your head held high, shoulders squared, like a victorious knight and he knows you’ve just conquered new heights and would like to get a pat on your back! He looks at you proudly. He might not actually say anything but you can tell that he is very pleased!

Creep about quietly and try to sneak away into your room unnoticed, however, and your name gets called out. As you enter the room, trying to act nonchalant, you know you cannot bluff for too long. Your eyes cannot meet the piercing gaze fixed on you. You’re left with no choice but to admit your mistake and get a sound telling off!

Best friends, indeed, know us through and through! Even the tone and pitch of your voice when you say “Hello” gives them a clear indication of what the state of affairs is! They know when you want to be listened to (“I’m not telling you anything now!”), when you want some advice (“I’d almost decided on this…”), when you want to discuss something (“Do you agree? Shall we go ahead with this?”) and when to leave things unsaid. They know when to be firm with you (“Yeah right! We’ll see about that!”) and to take a no-nonsense approach with you (“You’re doing this now! No arguments! ”). They know when to cajole (“Go on, please do it for me! Pretty please!”) and when to ask for whatever they want outright! Just a mere blink of an eyelid, a millimeter raise of eyebrows, a light tap on the arm or a surreptitious kick on the foot conveys the required message to them quite effectively!

What would life be without these people?! Dull, boring, uninteresting and stressful! It’s these people who add colour to our life, who add spice to occasionally bland proceedings! It’s these people who keep us on track when we’re going through life’s ups and downs. It’s these people who love us unconditionally and give us the strength we need without us having to so much as ask for it! They are truly precious gems worth treasuring lifelong!