Yesterday we had quite a long break post lunch. Having decided to watch a movie on my friend’s laptop, she and I walked towards our classroom, assuming it would be quiet and peaceful. We were about to push open the door when an unearthly sound issued from within!

“What on earth is going on?” I asked her in perplexity.

“I have absolutely no idea! Should we investigate the matter?” she suggested, albeit with some hesitation.

Her hesitation wasn’t baseless. We had every reason to feel unsure of what we were about to encounter. We already have a cat prowling the corridors of the Department and every now and then snakes decide to join us for an afternoon siesta. There are thick trees surrounding the building. So I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if we have other unexpected guests! The corridor leading up to the classroom usually is pretty dark and gloomy even at midday. Ditto the classroom. The ideal setup for a horror story, isn’t it?

We looked at each other, then at the door, then back at each other, not being able to decide a course of action. Just then a low groan reached our ears followed by loud screams.

“It sounds like someone is in danger! We have to find out what is happening!” I exclaimed. She grimly nodded her assent.

We threw open the door, preparing for the worst. We sprinted into the classroom to find…


Seven of our classmates were playing Counter-Strike! The session was in full swing with all of them yelling as though it was a matter of life and death; which it probably was for their virtual personas! So engrossed were they in their task that the sight of two shocked girls with a rueful expression on their faces didn’t even come to their notice! 😀

Every gamer can relate to the passion, the thrill, the ecstasy experienced while playing a computer game! The virtual world has this power to lure you into its depths and keep you hooked to it for hours on end! There’s this urge to earn more points, manage to get those bonuses and unlock new levels. Day and night you’re gripped by the thought of what moves to make, what strategy to implement, what tactics to apply so as to obtain a high score! I’ve actually heard people holding serious conferences with one another on their techniques as though they’re discussing the plans of a secret mission assigned to them by the CIA! You can see the look of grim determination in their eyes as they switch on their laptops and that “Nothing is impossible” attitude setting in, all set on reaching their target, like a tiger on the prowl!

I have not been a serious gamer myself. As a child I remember being crazy about Jezzball, Pipe Dream, Chip’s Challenge and Rodent’s Revenge. I used to play all four with a lot of passion! But my parents never had to take extreme measures to stop me from getting addicted! My relationship with the virtual world was of a different nature – that of the excited spectator and ‘support team’! My cousins used to play Mario, Prince, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Motocross Madness and a game which, I think, was called House of the Dead. I used to cheer them on, jumping up and down, screaming and shouting with them, cursing when things went awry, increasing their morale and telling them they could do it when they hit a snag. I remember those jubilant dances and whooping after we’d cracked a tough stage! It used to be such fun!

Today a friend of mine asked another friend of ours who’s a hardcore gamer exactly what is so amazing about Counter-Strike. He was silent for a minute.

“Is the experience so amazing that words can hardly describe it?” I asked him, laughing.

He grinned and agreed that it was!

There’s just something about playing computer games in a group…!


Do YOU have memories of computer game sessions that brought on a high? I’d love to hear about them!