Last Sunday had all the signs of becoming a very bleak and depressing end to the week. Our esteemed professors had decided to conduct extra lectures. On a Sunday. At 9 am. We could hardly believe it! After a week of grueling assignments, the weary student longs to put his feet up, right? All those movies and TV shows downloaded surreptitiously using the institution’s Wi-Fi connection beckon to him. The bed feels so inviting, so much more comfortable! One day away from the rigid routine, is that too much to ask for? Apparently, it is; because our pained expressions had no effect whatsoever on our teachers. A disgruntled girl woke up at 7 am that day. She set off for the University at 8:30 (all the while hoping that a text message informing her that lectures had been canceled would find its way to her mobile phone).

The weather in Pune is quite pleasant during February. Not too cold, not too hot, sunny with a light breeze that makes the leaves of trees rustle softly; the ideal conditions for a nice long drive, aren’t they?! I found myself considering skipping lectures and thought of convincing my friends to take a trip to Lavasa or the Sinhagad Fort! For ten minutes I daydreamed of how much more fun I’d have outdoors than in the dark classroom. Then with a deep sigh, I accepted my fate.

In one of my previous posts, “Traffic Tales!”, I’ve expressed my vexation about the state of traffic in Pune. Up to that point in time I’d only driven through moderate to heavy traffic. That day I realized how awesome it feels to drive at a speed and in a manner one is used to seeing on TopGear! There’s something about the way the engine purrs when your bike accelerates! As the air whooshes past your ears and strong gusts hit your face pleasantly, you feel alive, really ALIVE! You and a long stretch of a six-lane road, devoid of vehicles, no red lights that make you halt and no traffic cops to pay a fine to (or give the slip to!) for speeding! Now that’s what I call total bliss! I gibed at guys who drive recklessly in the aforementioned post. I still disapprove of speeding through heavy traffic, of course; but I can empathize with them now. Once you feel your blood pulsating through your entire body, you can’t help but want to experience that tingling sensation again! As things move past in a blur and colours blend and separate out forming kaleidoscopic patterns; as you try to defy the laws of motion; you actually begin to appreciate the wonders of science!

Being a diehard fan of action movies and TV shows, I found myself recollecting scenes from the Mission Impossible series, the Fast and Furious series, The Dark Knight Rises and various scenes (especially the Quidditch ones) from the Harry Potter series and Sherlock (mainly Season Three)!


I’m glad the roads were deserted or I would definitely have crashed into another vehicle, so lost was I in the pictures my imagination was painting! My brain had gone into overdrive! I have a vague recollection of the few people on a morning walk giving me odd and concerned looks. Maybe it was that faraway expression on my face that betrayed me. They might have had lengthy discussions on “What Gen Y is coming to” and “Why the number of road accidents is increasing”. I wouldn’t blame them for that. The adrenaline rush was definitely worth it!

The daily commute of 30-45 minutes took a record-breaking 15 minutes that day! Entering into the University campus slowly brought me back to earth. As I turned into the parking lot, I felt like I could write a hundred programs at a stretch that day! The heady thrilling sensation was still coursing through my veins. “Was it a Technicolor dream?” I wondered as I made my way into the classroom. It sort of was, I guess! For once, the gloomy classroom didn’t dampen my spirit!


Afterword: I’d like to assure my loved ones that I don’t intend to repeat this experience. At least, I’ll try not to. As long as lectures aren’t scheduled on this Sunday as well! 😛