When I was in school, the very first essay we had to write at the commencement of each academic year was “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. Technically, it’s a good topic seeing as everyone does enjoy their summer vacation and has much to tell about it (unless you’re Harry Potter). If you observe carefully, though, you notice that most of us spent our vacations in more or less the same way during our school years. We would go on a trip with the family, probably attend a summer camp, get enrolled for swimming lessons, go over to our grandparents’ for a fortnight or more and have lots of fun with our cousins! We’d eat lots and lots of ice cream and a substantial quantity of mangoes (in various different forms). All these things definitely were exciting and thrilling, no doubt and hence, though they were repeated annually, they always felt joyous! From the point of view of writing an essay, though, there wasn’t much change in the contents, was there?! I mean, apart from the details of the trip and the summer camp, the essays would be the same (words, paragraphs, style, everything) year after year! I wonder how our teachers never got bored of reading the same stuff over and over again! Why didn’t they set a different topic for a change, such as “My First Day Back”??

No matter how much we might curse our school or college or basically whichever institution we’re studying in, in our heart of hearts we are rather fond of it! The reasons vary from person to person. Most of us love our alma mater because of the friends we made there and the priceless memories we created with them! Quite some of us love it for the co-curricular and extracurricular activities we got an opportunity to participate in. Some others love the campus and the atmosphere (and probably the ‘spots’ it offers! ;-)). Some of us like one or more of our teachers who are inspiring and quite nice to talk to. A few of us love our courses and all the work we have to put in and the challenges that are encountered! No matter what the reason, every single one of us begins to miss their ‘second home’ (as a friend of mine alluded to it in a status update) towards the end of the vacation! Each of us awaits the day the new term starts!

The first day back always is fun! Everyone greets each other very heartily as though they’ve just met after many decades rather than just a month or two! After all the hugging and embracing and back-slapping and any other unique and specific-to-your-friends forms of greeting have taken place, there’s a lot of give and take of what everyone did over the vacation, how quickly the vacation got over and how we could have done with an extra week or two of rest and relaxation! And yet, contradictorily, everyone also says, “I missed you! I missed being here! I missed doing such-and-such a thing…”. This is usually followed by accusations of not having kept in touch, followed by (usually fruitless) attempts to prove their innocence on the part of the guilty party! The gang leader then metes out justice in the form of getting the culprit(s) to give the entire group a treat! There’s this undying urge to get back to the routine, the one specific to you and your friends, which may or may not match with the official schedule!

Depending on the sort of person you are, you enjoy the first day of lectures either concentrating or daydreaming; all the while either taking notes or passing notes! No matter which of the options it is, it feels both peaceful and right, like you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to do, exactly the way you’re meant to do it after a long time! It’s rather hard to describe, that feeling of belonging, of being a part of the class! It’s a simple and blissful emotion!

The first day back is one of those things you enjoy every moment of thoroughly and then forget about, when the workload piles up and stress and late nights creep in. We tend to overlook these small, seemingly insignificant things. We shouldn’t let that happen! The memory of these cheerful moments can light up a bleak, dark, tired and highly negative day. It can give you a good reason to shrug off your fear and your frustration and put your best foot forward! You don’t believe me? Go on, take your mind back to any one of your first-day-back’s!

It brought a smile to your face, didn’t it?! 🙂